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Speak English With NEEPO

The Fastest Wa​y to Learn How to Speak English on Earth​​!

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What is Speak English With NEEPO?

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Course Description

Speak English With NEEPO is a digital eLearning course that uses a cutting-edge, new phonetics methodology we call NEEPO, and it uses a content structure that accelerates learners to speak English the way it is spoken by native speakers. It is the Fastest Way to Learn How to Speak English on Earth! No one else has made the claims we make or can get you the results you want and need to acquire functional English speaking skills.

Want to pass the TOEFL test?   Taking this e-course is one of the best ways to prepare for the TOEFL test.  

Learn to Speak English in the comfort of your home, office, school or training center and on your own time.

Great for corporate training, call centers and newcomer ESL programs in schools. You can easily enroll many students at once. Contact us for multiple enrollments and have your own portal to manage your students.

ESL teachers may act as facilitators.  Facilitator training is required and provided.

The use of a Facilitator is beneficial but not a requirement to enroll in Speak English With NEEPO.

Our Products and Services

Non-English or limited English speaking learners can now learn to speak English in as little as 72 hours of practiced oral instruction that could easily take up to 7 years using traditional methods

Private School Portal 

We set schools and teachers up on their own private portal to manage groups of students using a user-friendly Learning Management System

We now have a Facilitator Certification Course that prepares teachers to facilitate Speak English With NEEPO to assist their students in progressing through the course and guiding them through each Section while monitoring their progress. 

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For Only $19/month, you can begin speaking English today! You can complete it in one month or as many months as you need at $47/month. You may cancel at any time with no further payments. 

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For Only $19/month, you can get trained to be a facilitator and use the e-course while acting in your facilitator position. 

Preview Video of Facilitator Certification Course

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